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About Redlands Realty is the best agency to list your home with. Check out our shortlist of FAQs that may help answer your initial questions. Please contact us if there's anything you feel we didn't cover enough - we're always here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions: From Sellers

What are the real estate fees for selling a house?

Real estate agent fees (or commissions) is at a national average of about 5% of the final sales price. This is paid by you (seller) and is split between your listing agent and the buyer’s agent.

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Can I sell my house on my own?

Yes you can! Your property would be considered as FSBO (“fizz-bo”), or for-sale-by-owner. By doing this, you may avoid some of the closing costs (your buyer might have an agent representing him/her) so you pocket more of your sale.

There’s so much a listing agent can do to help, that an independent seller can’t. Agents have the specialized skills, tools, and experience that are definitely worth more than the potential pains of having togo through the selling process on your own. If you’d like to learn more about other ways of selling your home, check out the links below.

For more info on FSBO: The Task Ahead: Selling as FSBO or with an Agent
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Why should I list my house with About Redlands Realty?

About Redlands Realty is a full-service agency that has 18+ years of experience in real estate and mortgage. We’ve seen thousands of transactions… and always use what we learn to better our services.

Our agency is a sister company to About Redlands, one of the largest (if not THE largest) Redlands-focused websites nationwide. It reaches about 100,000 impressions per week, with over 50,000 social media followers combined. On top of the multi-listing service, we use this massive channel to get more eyes on your property than any other agency around.

We love Redlands. Generations of our family have grown and lived here, and that’s why it’s in our company’s name. However, we love serving in and around the San Bernardino and Riverside counties. If you’re outside of that, still contact us and we can always make an exception!

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Are we able to meet before committing to list my home?

Always! Each seller has a unique situation as well, and we love hearing your stories. Please feel free to contact us by filling out a form here, or by calling (909) 376-8399. Consultations will always be free with us! And we won’t pressure you at all to commit by the end – we don’t like being treated that way, so we won’t ever do it to you.

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This is a photo from the About Redlands Realty instagram page (@aboutredlandsrealty). It shows the kitchen/dining area of a property that About Redlands Realty helped sell in Redlands, CA. Final price was $628,000.
"David knows what buyers are looking for. Preparation of the property prior to listing is key. He also has excellent resources available to assist with anything required to get the home ready and how to present it. He guided us through the entire process from beginning to end."

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