Finding the right financing program can be stressful. Our team's knowledge of loan programs and work ethic can help. We deals with many banks, not just one. Want to lowest rate? We're brokers, we can shop around!

First-time buyers, buyers with student loans, refinancing, debt consolidation, or perhaps a baby on the way... Whatever your situation may be. We are here to serve in many ways. C0ntact us or submit an application to get started.

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We constantly try to find ways to help you. In week 4 of our recent home-buying webinar series, David breaks down the different ways to finance your home purchase. FHA, VA, USDA, Reverse mortgages... you name it, David has done it.

The video has so much information - and timestamps are available in the description for your convenience. He also covered other buying-process topics, including: preparing for the long haul, the importance of your credit score, debt, and job, and what homeownership means. In case you just want a quick comparison, a table with basic information is found below.

loan comparison chart -


$442,750 to county loan limit

1-4 unit, PUD, & condo
(Manufactured allowed w/ reduced LTV etc.)


Automated up to 50%


$510,400 or county loan limit

1-4 unit, PUD, & condo
(Manufactured allowed w/ reduced LTV etc.)


Automated up to 50%, cash out 45% max


Subject to income limits
and ratios guidelines

1 unit, PUD, & condo
(new manufactured homes)




$510,400 or county loan limit,
High Balance & Jumbo also

1-4 unit, PUD, & condo
(Manufactured allowed w/ reduced LTV etc.)


Residual income is
more important


$442,750 to county loan limit

1-4 unit, PUD, & condo

660 min.
(depends on program)

Program specific

Retirement / Reverse mortgage

$442,750 to county loan limit

1-4 unit, PUD, condo, & townhome
(no manufactured)

Not considered


Type of Loan

loan limit

property type

minimum fico score

Debt-to-income ratio (DTI)

loan/mortgage application -

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