the historical downtown Redlands tour

When was Redlands incorporated?
Where is the only Art Deco building in Redlands?
What is the oldest business in Redlands?
Why is the event center on State Street called The Speakeasy?
Who was Ed Hales?

Hear the answers to these, and many other Redlands History questions...

... on the Historic Downtown Redlands Tour!

David O'Hara, Redlands Visitor Center volunteer and owner of About Redlands Realty, provides the walking tour to all new Redlands residents.

The tour is not appropriate for children under 12. Attendees should wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water, if desired.

This is a private tour for all Redlands residents! You can book a tour by filling out the form provided. Booking can also be done by contacting David - email ( or text/call (909) 376-8399. New residents will receive a gift from local businesses and the new Redlands City map.

The Redlands Visitor Center opened in July 2019 in order to provide a physical space where residents and visitors could find information about businesses, restaurants (including menus), events, and activities in Redlands. Curator Deborah O’Hara created the popular About Redlands website, which now has more than 75,000 followers on social media, 20 years ago to provide a calendar of Redlands events and highlight locally-owned Redlands businesses.

Over the years, Deborah found that many users – visitors or new residents -- wanted to talk to a knowledgeable Redlander face-to-face. Deborah decided Redlands needed a volunteer-based Visitor Center where people could drop in, talk to well-informed staff, and receive information about Redlands neighborhoods, schools, businesses, events, hiking trails, and get street maps.

This is a portrait image of Deborah O'Hara. She is shown standing in front of orange groves in Redlands, CA.

Deborah O’Hara
Owner of All About Redlands - parent company of, Redlands Visitor Center

(909) 721-1399

This is a portrait image of David O'Hara. She is shown standing in front of orange groves in Redlands, CA.

David O’Hara
Owner of About Redlands Realty, 18+ years in real estate/mortgage, life-long Redlander, Redlands Visitor Center Tour Lead

(909) 376-8399

Front photo of the Redlands Visitor Center
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