Market Update #10: A bit of Redlands history, affordability, and if it's time to act

Learn about Redlands' Umbrella Alley, what goes into affordability, and why acting NOW is the best for YOU...
April 19, 2021
May 22, 2021

Do you know the history behind Redlands' Umbrella Alley? Are you unsure whether to act now (or later) on buying, selling, OR refinancing a home?

Walk with us as we talk through these topics in this week's market update.

In less than 3 minutes, David guides you through the history of the lovely - and now iconic - Umbrella Alley. He also discusses what goes into "affordability" and why today's market still stands as one of the best ever... FOR YOU!

Are you a...

  • buyer? Ask us about today's low mortgage rates (and downpayment assistance programs!)
  • seller? The last properties we listed lasted no more than 72 hours in the market.
  • owner looking to refinance? Refinancing rates are still lower than average, and is projected only to increase in the future.

Take 3 minutes and watch our short video! If you have any questions or are ready to make your move, contact us here or call (909) 376-8399.

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