Consultation: Jimmy and Marissa - First-Time Homebuyers

A collection of clips from our consultation with Jimmy and Marissa - discussed student loans, downpayment assistance, and budgeting/saving!
July 6, 2020
December 14, 2020

We had the privilege of helping Jimmy and Marissa. They are preparing to become first-time home buyers/owners and decided to talk to David for clarification on the financing process. Thank you, Jimmy and Marissa, for allowing us to share this video. We hope that others find it valuable in their journeys to become homeowners.

Consultations are ALWAYS free, and we're always glad to help you with your home-owning dreams. In case you want to listen only to certain topics, we also went ahead and broke down the video into shorter clips. We also pulled some quotes to give you a preview of our conversation. Let us know if you have any questions!

Budgeting, Payments, Buying 'less'

1/5: Marissa shares her idea of what's looking for in a home. On the other hand, Jimmy shares his opinion on the financial path they would like to take. David then breaks down what's possible for the first-time buyer couple.

What are Closing Costs?

2/5: CLOSING COSTS! Ever wondered why it gets so expensive? David shares who gets a piece of that large pie.

Down Payment Assistance Programs

3/5: "There are over 140 different down payment assistance loans in California alone." In addition, Jimmy and Marissa gets a comparison of their monthly payments - with and without down payment assistance.

Ready to Buy and Union Programs

4/5: David and Jimmy share their experiences with union programs.

Student Loans and Monthly Payments

5/5: Marissa wonders whether it's better to wait for her student loan payments to kick in before buying a home. For their situation, David explains why it almost doesn't matter. Also, he breaks down PITI - principal, interest, tax, insurance - that makes up a monthly mortgage payment.

The home-buying process is long and can be frustrating. We hope that content like what's on this page helps ease some of that. To address the home-buying process, we hosted/recorded a set of webinars that can help clarify the steps - especially for first-time homebuyers (click here to watch!) and look forward to sharing those with all of you soon. Follow us on Instagram or Like our Facebook page for more consistent updates!

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